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How to do telecom business in Russia

Russia is a great country, with centuries-long history. Its territory spreads on the majority of Eurasian continent and is 17 098 200 kmІ, what makes 11,46% (1/9) of the territory of the whole dry land. According to Rosstat’s information to the 1st of January 2008 the population of Russia is 142 008 838. Today, according to the estimates of leading world’s agencies Russia is one of the most perspective and reliable partners for outward investments. According to the results of its external-economic activity in 2006-2007 the rates of growth of Russian economy rose from 6% to 8%. In this respect we should mention the great interest of investors to the IT and telecommunication spheres of Russia.

Starting from 2006 the provision of access to the Internet to all citizens of Russian Federation and especially to all educational institutions has become a part of national projects. In 2007 some of the biggest Russian telecommunication operators declared that they want to build broadband networks on the base of FTTx technology. On a conservative estimate of specialists the sum of investments to IT and telecommunication spheres in 2008-2011 will exceed 7 billion US dollars. In this respect the government of Russia held the negotiations with first persons of such companies as Siemens, Microsoft, Ericsson and others about their participation in the process or informatization of Russia. Today Russia stands on the threshold of the new technological breakthrough in this spheres and needs the most modern technologies and solutions.

Nevertheless the new brand and product launch is still the great problem. Many foreign companies have no idea how to make successful business in Russia. According to that fact they need reliable and powerful partners to give them professional consultations and help in commercial activity, taxation, logistics, custom clearance, constructing dealer networks and correct positioning of solutions and products on Russian market.

TINVEST is established in 2003, and specializes on supplying telecommunication solutions, telecommunication equipment and consulting in telecommunication spheres. Today, the list of active clients of TINVEST is 1000+ companies. Among them are telecommunication operators, distributors and resellers of telecommunication equipment and system integrators. 

TINVEST is a company which can help you to make a right decision and to solve the problems of:

  • Provision of legal environment on the territory of Russia;
  • Consulting in choosing reliable partners and dealers for reselling goods and services;
  • Logistics;
  • Certification and getting licenses; 
  • Brand promoting

For more information please contact:

Phones: +7 (812) 309-71-19

E-mail: sales@tinvest.ru

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